Rolex watches stop on the chain after the walk is not ideal how to repair?

This watch is a master spent several days of time to trim a good watch Mr. Cai sent this uk replica watches, the reaction will stop; manual winding time are not allowed, suspected to be part of the problem, the master side after testing the response parts should not be damaged, but the travel time is indeed not ideal, stop walking phenomenon Need to detect. Began to open the cover detection, rear cover screws are relatively small, start with the time to be careful not to plan to K gold case, causing damage. Case completely separated, one by one to detect movement parts, manual winding movement, so very thin, so parts are very small, for the maintenance of the master's eye and hand is a huge challenge. The parts are removed one by one, one by one detection, mainly for the ruby ​​bearings and gear to see if there is damage or defects. Clockwork box is not necessary to open. However, the customer response watch full of spring when the travel time is also insufficient, suspected to be winding problem, so also need to open inspection, the final problem is that the hairspring tip tilt caused by gossamer uneven, resulting in replica watches uk are not allowed to go. This reason is mostly outside the hairpin with the outer pile of discomfort, not caused by the vertical angle, just use the tweezers to clamp the outer end of the coordination with the small, so that the hairspring plane and the outer pile into a vertical angle can be. Completely wash the oil parts of the movement after the oil-by-point. After completion, after a series of travel tests, waterproof test and up to 42 hours of 6-way simulation of the arm when the test can travel time. Ten watches work is really nothing to say, Rolex Yacht Mingshi more worthy of mention is its design, very stylish. However, the outer ring of the swiss replica watches is platinum, more easily than ceramic scratches, so, or carefully protect the watch. to sum up: 1. Watch the reaction does not go, when testing hairspring; repair hairspring 2. watch to do regular washing oil maintenance